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All You Need To Know About DIY Landscaping

   May 28

DIY Landscaping Ideas For Your Backyard


Everyone wants a beautiful backyard. Your yard should be a place where you can go and relax after a hard day of work. It should be a place to spend time with the family on a summer weekend. Most importantly, your backyard should be unique. Your yard should reflect your own personality, and be a reflection of you. There are a lot of DIY landscaping ideas that you can do in a weekend or in some cases, a few hours, which will give your backyard your own unique touch.

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Flowers are always a good way to add a touch of color to your backyard. You don’t have to dig up the yard, though. Containers of flowers can add a nice touch to your yard. When you choose containers for a container garden, you can use almost anything that can hold soil. Old watering cans or washtubs can make good containers for flowers. For a really unique touch, you could use an old toilet or a pair of old boots to hold flowers. Just make sure that the container has holes in the bottom for drainage.

If you like some variety each year, you can plant annuals in the containers, and choose new plants each year. If you don’t want to replant every year, then you will want to plant perennials. When you choose the flowers, you will want to decide whether you want harmony or contrast. Choose plants with similar colors and textures, or choose plants that will contrast with each other.

If you have a little more space, a little bit more time, and you want to put in a little bit more work, you can build a rock garden in your yard. Build a ring of rocks or bricks, fill it with soil, and put in your plants. If you have enough space, you can add more tiers. Simply place a smaller ring of rocks on top of the soil in the first one, and fill the second ring with soil and plants as well.


Another option for a rock garden is to simply pile some rocks in the desired location, and then fill in the gaps with potting soil, and small plants. Trailing plants, such as ivy, or creeping jenny will work effectively in this type of rock garden. Small flowers, interspersed among the trailing plants will provide a nice contrast in colors and textures.

Whether you choose a container garden or a rock garden, make sure that the plants are compatible. Make sure that they have the same needs for soil, sun, and water. It will be much more difficult to care for them, if one of the plants needs dry soil, and the one next to it needs more water.

Flowers, whether in a container or rock garden are only one of many DIY landscaping ideas. You can also add garden art to your yard and your flowerbed to add a unique touch. Flea markets and garage sales will provide a wealth of ideas for yard art if you use your imagination. These and other DIY landscaping ideas will help you to make your backyard a unique and relaxing paradise.